Kids Taekwondo - Beginners (6-12 Year Old)

Kids learn basic stances, kicks, punches, and the process of coordinating techniques as a form of "Pattern". This is one of the most important phases of the student learning process as we establish the foundation for further intermediate and advanced techniques. Most students will be at White Belt, Yellow Stripe Belt, and Yellow Belt Ranks.


Kids Taekwondo - Intermediate (6-12 Year Old)

Kids continue to improve their basic stances, kicks, punches, patterns and start learning some advance techniques. Practice makes perfect, repetitive drills and exercises will improve kids coordination, speed, and power . Most students will be at Green Stripe Belt, Green Belt, and Blue Stripe Belt Ranks.


Kids Taekwondo - Advanced (6-12 Year Old)

Kids should have mastered their basic techniques and continue to improve their advanced stances, kicks, punches, patterns, and help in teaching other students. Most students will be at Blue Belt through Black Belt Ranks.


Adult Taekwondo/Jiu Jitsu - All Belts (13+ Year Old)

Adult classes are combined for all ranks,  advanced students partner with beginners to help in all aspects of training. This class will focus on all aspects of Taekwondo requirements combined with Jiu Jitsu self defense techniques.

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